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Concept Paper

Adolescent Friendly Centre (AFC)

Background Summary
The Golden Jubilee Organization for Local Development (LSO-GOLD) is a registered private sector organization under companies’ ordinance 1984, based in the union council Aliabad the largest union council in sub-division Hunza, with an area comprised of Dorkhan, Aliabad, Hassanabad and Murtazaabad villages. LSO-GOLD is an umbrella organization to more than 65 Village organizations (VO’s), Women organizations (WO’s), Civil society organizations (CSO’s), Community based organizations (CBO’s) and Youth Organizations (YO’s), which are registered and play a vital role in mobilization. Our mission is to bring social, economical, cultural and environmental changes through public involvement from the very grassroots level. The organization is aimed at to provide complete assistance to the local communities, while mobilizing and building partnerships with public sector and other local, national and international leading organizations.  The entire population of the working area is consist of approximately 14,000 and 2,500 households, out of which some 35% are adolescents aged between 9-19 years, according to the survey conducted by Ismaili Local Council Aliabad/Hyderabad.  
As far as the factor adolescent is concern, there are vast array of problems related to the reproductive health of youth aged between 9-19 years in the working area. These issues are further divided into different sectors according to their enormous importance in the growth of an adolescent.
1.       Health
Health is the major factor of human growth. It is well said that “Health is Wealth”, without a proper health nobody can develop him/herself in a society. During the crucial time period of hormonal changes in both sexes particularly 9-19 years, the concern persons is tend to do different tactics with his/her sexual organs for mental satisfaction i.e. Masturbation, which is directly ineffective in the long term growth.
2.       Education
Education is the foremost tool of personal and mental development and growth. Healthy minds always do healthy activities, which is beneficial for the whole society. Throughout the growth of an adolescent, it is prior to have knowledge, information, awareness and consciousness about the changes born in him/her.
3.       Care Guidance
The families living in the mountainous communities there is lack of care guidance, which ultimately affect the health of both child and families. It is essential for the families in whole and particularly the parents to look after their children activities however this can be only achieved by bringing them on a same platform.

4.       Drug Addiction
Drug addiction is hazardous for societies; young generation mostly involved in smoking, drinking, chewing pan/naswar etc during the age of 9-19 years. During this time period excessive energy is released from the body and feelings became unstable thoughts. 
Need Assessment
As Aliabad is undeclared headquarter, Business hub and largest town of Hunza. After the catastrophic landslide of Ataabad, the same town became the main habitat of the Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs). There are more than 100 homes belong to them. As a business hub and rapid growth in economy, Aliabad is home to some 500 outsider youth.
HIV AIDS is a deadly disease; according to WHO Pakistan is one of the counties suffering from this lethal virus. 3 out of 10 people in our area even don’t know the exact meaning for this acronym. It is alarming for the communities living in this area. The jurisdiction of the LSO-GOLD is very vast according to its population and area.
The need for an Adolescent Friendly Centre (AFC) became a major apprehension part for the locals, as the number of adolescents is very high in this locality. Early education, trainings, workshops and knowledge about reproductive health can bring positive changes in the sectors which have already discussed in the paper above. Therefore the LSO-GOLD is keen interested to work with other organization for the betterment of human well-being.
Because of its vast scattered area, it is suitable for all villages to have a combined AFC in two villages one in Aliabad and the other in Murtazaabad. These combined AFC’s will work as a host for both males and females for that particular area. We have already planned and distribute the days and timings for relevant AFC, different days in a week will be allocated for male and female i.e. 3 days in a week for males and 3 for females in the same AFC.
Target Group/Area
The target group for this project is male and female aged between 9-19 years, and the targeted area consist of 4 villages Dorkhan, Aliabad, Hassanabad and Murtazabad.
Sustainability focuses on the factors given below:

From start to working the AFC requires finance to sustain for a long term period. The initial technical and financial support should be fully provided to the organization.
After running this AFC, the enrolment fee shall be imposed on the registered member the amount will be finalized later. Initially an amount will be charged as a registration fee. This fee will be spending on the day to day requirements of the AFC.
AFC Committee
This committee will be declared and organized by the BODs of the LSO-GOLD. This committee will be responsible and look after the AFCs.
·         Through the AFC the entire population of adolescents will be trained via trainings, workshops, lectures and peer to peer knowledge.
·         They will be informed with unhealthy activities and there will be a healthy environment among the adolescents.
·         Parents will be updated with their child daily routine; this positive approach will develop friendly relations among parents and their children.
·         AFC will build up awareness about challenges faced by adolescents, which will transform the locals into a vigorous society.
·         AFC registered members will be the beneficiaries, who will work as marketing tool and help other people to join AFCs.

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